48 inch cross bolt bale spear, 3,000 lbs w/Sleeve, 48SS

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Our 48 inch cross bolt bale spear is known as the 48SS. It’s a S48S 1.625” X 48″ hay spear with the 155 weld in sleeve, nut, and bolt. The 48SS goes in and out of bales with ease due to the fluted design even your wet or tight bales. Never weld the sleeve with spear in it , just sleeve itself. It’s fluted design is to be installed in the sleeve with the flutes on the side “parallel” to the ground. The bale spear has a flute giving it a lighter weighted spear. It still has the same 3,000 lb capacity @ a 30″ load center. All PRO-link Hayspears® come with our (1) one year warranty.

Additional information

Weight 26.000 lbs
Dimensions 48.000 × 1.625 × 1.625 in


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