Quick Attach 2 Bale Spear Frame w/ 2- 3,500 Lb Bale Spears, U249-49


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This two hay bale spear frame contains the universal quick attach coupler and incorporates a load back rest to hold your hay bale more securely. The coupler has a “kicked out” base, increasing your overall load roll back. With the load back rest and “kicked out” coupler you can “cradle” your bale during transport, making your load more stable and secure. Fewer damaged bales and a more efficient transport equals you saving money with every load. The heavy duty construction helps make tough jobs easier. Comes equipped with two HAYSTIX©, 49” in length bale spears. Each spear has a 3,500 lb rating @ a 30″ load center. PRO-Link Hayspears® offer a (1) one year warranty.

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