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Tapered spears comes with a conical nut. You weld the sleeve onto your implement without the spear in it. Then the spear slides into the sleeve. Simply tighten the nut at the back of the sleeve locking the spear into the sleeve. Farmers and mining companies have made this the top spear in the US market. All Hayspears are 1-5/8″

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This fluted line of 1.625” spears offers the highest capacity rating for a fluted bale spear in the industry. Whether you need a 48, 39, or 33” spear, the replacement PRO-Link Hayspear interchanges easily and offers endless options for the farmer needing to move efficiently between round and square bales. With three different mounts available, cross-bolt, tapered, and bracketed, our hayspears give you peace of mind when moving your hay investments.