3,000 Lb, 33″ TAPERED BALE SPEAR, w/Sleeve, 33TS



The 33TS is a 33″ x 1.675″ tapered hay spear that comes with a conical nut and 114T sleeve. All Hayspears® have a “fluted” design or groove down the both sides of the spear to make penetration and removal from a bale of hay easier than the other designs and are just as strong. They are bi-directional and should be mounted with the fluted portion of the spear on the sides or “parallel” to the ground. The sleeve is designed to be welded into a hay moving implement. Never weld the sleeve into an implement with the spear in the sleeve. After welding sleeve into your machine simply insert the tapered hay spear into the sleeve and fasten the nut in the back of the sleeve and your ready to move your hay. The hay spear has 3,000 lb capacity @ a 30″ load center. All Hayspears® have a (1) one year warranty. PRO-Link Hayspears® are all 1 5/8″ and make a great replacement spear and fits most aftermarket hay forks. If you need a more heavy duty bale spear visit for more options.

Additional information

Weight 16.000 lbs
Dimensions 33.000 × 1.000 × 1.000 in


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